The enhanced PoE Pro is the premier data cable verifier and PoE troubleshooter with Cloud reporting

TREND Networks has launched a new Bluetooth-enabled PoE tester which supports advanced test reporting via the TREND AnyWARE Cloud App and test management system. 

In the past, affordable cable verifiers with PoE (Power over Ethernet) testing have not been able to capture test data needed to create test reports that document PoE performance. However, TREND Networks’ research with test equipment users found that there were benefits to businesses when every technician and installer can document their work. 

“With access to detailed test reports, businesses can easily verify that technicians on site have completed an install correctly,” says Dan Barrera, Director of Product Innovation for TREND Networks. “Occasional termination mistakes are inevitable but, previously, issues would only become evident later when the project was handed over. This results in customer dissatisfaction, as well as costly call-backs, where service technicians need to spend time re-visiting the site to troubleshoot. Documenting even simple installations provides confidence that the job is correct when the technicians leave the site.” 

For system integrators and IT trouble-shooters, advanced PoE load testing confirms that the power available at the end of an installed link meets the latest IEEE 802.3bt standard by detecting the Class of the PoE supply and drawing the required amount of power, up to 90 watts. Delivered power is automatically compared to the standard with a clear Pass/Fail result presented to the user. The test proves the cabling is not causing excess power loss that could lead to intermittent or inoperative PoE devices. The resulting test reports allow businesses to clearly demonstrate to customers that delivered power is sufficient for their installed devices. As data cable verifiers and PoE testers do not typically offer this level of testing and reporting, installers are able to offer customers a value-added service with no additional effort.  

The new PoE Pro connects to the new TREND AnyWARE Cloud App using Bluetooth to store tests on the phone. Users simply create a job folder in the app, connect the tester to a cable, and send the result to the app. There is also an option to add a photo to each test result for complete documentation of the installation. 

From here, users simply hit ‘upload’ to seamlessly transfer the results to the TREND AnyWARE Cloud web-based test management system. The test results can then be organised into an intuitive folder structure, identifying the Building, Floor, Room, Rack and Panel of each test, ready for high quality PDF reports to be generated.  

“If you have several technicians, it makes sense to give them all an up-to-date PoE Pro model so that test results can be quickly and easily uploaded into the cloud from the jobsite without the need to drive to the office and download data from the tester. Then, consolidating tests into projects and creating reports is far easier for the project manager,” explains Dan. 

Existing users of the TREND AnyWARE Cloud will be able to use the same highly secure and user-friendly environment to manage test results and reports for PoE Pro, as they already use for their LanTEK III/IV/IV-S cable certifiers and SignalTEK 10G bandwidth testers. In due course, there are plans to expand the TREND AnyWARE Cloud App and test management system to other products in the TREND Networks portfolio. 

The dependable new PoE Pro model retains all the features that allow users to eliminate guesswork when installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting network cabling, including all the functions of the VDV II Pro data cable verifier. However, it has been updated with increased service detection capabilities to display the latest network connection speeds of 2.5Gb/s, 5Gb/s, and 10Gb/s. 

“An increasing number of building communication systems are migrating to Ethernet, which means more technicians need a tool like PoE Pro in their tool kit,” says Dan. “We’ve invested in the latest updates to PoE Pro as we know that new installers, or installers working with Ethernet for the first time, will need to Depend On Us for greater support and validation that the cabling is installed and working correctly,” he continues. 

Order the new PoE Pro now from TREND Networks distributors or direct from the online shop at

PoE Pro is the premier data cable verifier and PoE troubleshooter with Cloud reporting