LanTEK IV-S cable certifier takes Gold at Cabling Installation & Maintenance Innovators Awards 2022

We are excited that TREND Networks has received Gold Honoree status at the Cabling Installation & Maintenance Innovators Awards 2022 for our LanTEK IV-S cable certifier.

A panel of senior third-party expert judges selected LanTEK IV-S for the award based on excellence in innovation, value, sustainability, collaboration, and impact.

Here are six reasons why the LanTEK IV-S certifier is an award winner.

  1. Smart and efficient working

LanTEK IV-S is the fastest cloud-enabledcopper and fiber cable certifier in the market. It provides a unique way to certify copper and fiber cable, enabling 7-second test times. LanTEK IV-S builds on the exceptional functionality and reliability of LanTEK IV with a new dual-core processor, new faster 3.0 operating system software, and twice as much memory storage, enabling 5,000 tests to be saved.

LanTEK IV-S is designed to optimize speed and efficiency and help users work smarter, not harder. Testing links with the innovative LanTEK IV-S certifier can now be done 16% more quickly. It also features a more responsive touchscreen user interface that is 42% quicker.

  • The fastest cloud test management software in the world

To help manage test data, LanTEK IV-S works with the best-in-class TREND AnyWARE Cloud test management system. This has also received a major speed improvement powered by Microsoft® Azure.  It is the fastest cloud system in the world for uploading tests and generating reports.

The LanTEK IV-S cable certifier also has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity to enable on-site engineers, technicians, and installers to simply hit the sync button to transfer results to the cloud. This is fast and convenient for engineers without easy access to a laptop and prevents data from being lost or delayed.

The latest TREND AnyWARE Cloud updates also provide more efficient navigation and enable all project information to be pre-configured by project managers based anywhere. This helps installers get started faster on-site, and supporting greater accuracy.

  • Enhanced troubleshooting

LanTEK IV-S supports greater collaboration between project managers and technicians with the TeamViewer Live Support function. This makes it possible to connect to the LanTEK IV-S certifier remotely, minimizing troubleshooting time, increasing collaboration, and reducing costly call-backs to site. Co-workers, cable manufacturers, and the TREND Networks Technical Support team can all connect to the certifier remotely if needed, making troubleshooting more efficient.

With the TREND AnyWARE Cloud, any authorized users in the organization can also access the test data, no matter where they are based. (A locally installed Desktop version is also available if required.)

  • Unique permanent link adapter

LanTEK IV-S includes the patented VisiLINQ™ permanent link adapters to increase productivity. This unique way to test gives users everything needed to initiate testing on the certifier and view the results in the palm of their hand.  This innovation helps technicians to work smarter, saving time and increasing productivity. 

The RJ45 tips on the VisiLINQ Permanent Link Modules are also field replaceable to reduce the cost of ownership.

  • Futureproof investment

With LanTEK IV-S, users can now conduct and save a Cat6A test within 7 seconds.  To be future-ready, the tester’s enhanced functionality also certifies links up to Cat8.1 and Cat8.2, including TCL and Resistance Unbalance. It will also test to 3000MHz providing room for future ratified ISO and TIA test standards.

  • TREND Networks lifetime support promise

As part of the TREND Networks Depend On Us Philosophy, LanTEK IV-S is also covered by a lifetime support promise.

In the event that the product is no longer supported, a 30% discount is available on the new model.

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