5 things you can do with the new SignalTEK 10G

Have you seen our new SignalTEK 10G handheld Ethernet tester?

Designed to measure the maximum bandwidth of network cabling up to 10 Gigabits per second and simulate actual network traffic, you can use it to test, troubleshoot and document network and data cable performance up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet standards. And much more!

Why do I need a 10Gb Ethernet tester?

LAN networks are at risk of expensive downtime and lost productivity due to the ever-increasing demand of bandwidth hungry services such as video streaming, video conferencing, CCTV cameras and Wi-Fi access points. The SignalTEK 10G Ethernet troubleshooter will measure the maximum bandwidth available on the network, identify bottlenecks and discover opportunities to increase bandwidth without replacing expensive data cabling.

Here are five ways the feature rich SignalTEK 10G Ethernet tester can help you

1. Test and prove copper cable performance

Use SignalTEK 10G to verify multi-Gigabit performance before deployment. Prove what speeds the data cabling will support (up to 10Gb/s) before spending money on new Multi-Gigabit switches delivering 2.5/5/10Gb/s speeds.

The max throughput test takes away the guesswork. With one test you can easily see what hardware or applications would work on an existing link, saving time and reducing the cost of replacing expensive data cabling.

Conduct cable tracing and wiremapping, or discover cable length and distance to fault to support troubleshooting. Then prove performance to copper IEEE standards and produce professional reports quickly and easily.

2. Test PoE without guesswork

Many different applications have adopted PoE (Power over Ethernet), such as monitors, digital signage, phones, security cameras, lighting, and access control. The SignalTEK 10G is a PoE tester too. It helps technicians identify whether a device will operate successfully and eliminates guesswork when installing, maintaining. and troubleshooting where PoE is deployed up to 90W (PoE++).

No more trial and error. It identifies the Class of the PoE source and power available up to 90W to a PoE device regardless of cable length, cable quality or other factors. A clear pass/fail is provided to IEEE 802.3af/at/bt standards and Class (1 to 8)

3. Cloud-based configuration and reporting

SignalTEK 10G has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity to connect seamlessly to the free TREND AnyWARE Cloud test management system, where reports can be generated quickly and easily with accurate data.

Thanks to the TREND AnyWARE Cloud, Field Technicians do not need to set up SignalTEK 10G, instead Project Managers can pre-configure the jobs and tests, reducing potential mistakes. Project Managers can work from anywhere there is a web browser to access TREND AnyWARE Cloud – ideal for those working from home.

Project Managers can also remotely connect to SignalTEK 10G on the jobsite using the TeamViewer Live Support feature, to troubleshoot failed links therefore minimising troubleshooting time, increasing collaboration and reducing call-backs. Access can be granted to TREND Networks Technical Support to allow further troubleshooting if required.

4. Optional fibre cable testing

SignalTEK 10G is a future-proof investment. Additional features for fibre testing can be unlocked with a simple license key only once you need them.

For instance, if you need to test maximum bandwidth up to 10Gb/s or conduct 1Gb / 10Gb data transmission tests. After the infrastructure has been upgraded with Multi-Gigabit switches, you can use SignalTEK 10G Ethernet tester to verify fibre link speed to 1G or 10G.

The SignalTEK 10G tester also makes it simple to identify the SFP temperature, vendor, and model (for both SFP and SFP+ transceiver modules). You can also easily measure optical Tx/Rx power and data throughput, then prove performance to IEEE fibre standards with professional PDF reports.

5. User-friendly network testing

As well as being a 10G Transmission Tester, you can also unlock network testing capabilities for SignalTEK 10G too, so that it can be used to prove network performance up to 10G. The tester is intuitive to use with a high-resolution touchscreen and rugged design, to keep it protected when you are out on-site testing, troubleshooting, and maintaining active networks.

One standout network testing feature of SignalTEK 10G is the 72-hour event log, which captures network events down to the second, helping to eliminate guesswork. This smart tool logs all network events over a 72-hour period to help diagnose intermittent connectivity issues faster, reducing hours onsite and trips to site. Simply leave the tester onsite, connect remotely to monitor network activity, view the event log, and control all functions of the tester from the office.

The SignalTEK 10G’s Netscan feature can display a helpful list of IP and MAC addresses of every device connected to the network. You can also measure switch speed, identify port information (with Hub blink or CDP/LLDP/EDP) and troubleshoot packet loss, jitter, and delay. VLAN, Ping and TraceRoute testing are all supported.

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