Save time and money with new cloud connected VDV II Basic

Reliable, easy-to-use, and affordable, TREND Networks’ VDV II cable verifier has been a staple in many a tool kit over the years. Now, with the latest update, the VDV II “Basic” model has Bluetooth, supporting connectivity with the TREND AnyWARE Cloud app. This makes professional cloud reporting a breeze, helping you work smarter.

What is Bluetooth connectivity and cloud reporting?

TREND Network’s VDV II cable verifier has added another arrow to its already formidable quiver in the form of Bluetooth connectivity and cloud reporting. Like on PoE Pro before it, these features allow you to connect your VDV II to your smartphone via Bluetooth and use the TREND AnyWARE Cloud App to store, manage, and share your test results online.

The cloud connected VDV II with Bluetooth makes your job easier

Quick, accurate testing is a given with VDV II. Adding Bluetooth connectivity and the ability to upload test results to the TREND AnyWARE Cloud App offers a host of new benefits:

  • Save time: No more writing down test results on paper or typing them manually into a computer. Just send them to your phone and upload them to the cloud in seconds.
  • Improve accuracy: No more mistakes or inconsistencies in your test results. Get clear and reliable data that meets industry standards.
  • Enhance professionalism: No more messy or incomplete reports. Export professional PDF reports that you can print or email to your clients or colleagues.
  • Increase customer satisfaction: No more delays or disputes in your service delivery. Provide faster and more dependable service that meets customer expectations.
  • Simplify workflow: No more confusion or miscommunication among your team members or project managers. Collaborate and coordinate your work online with a single web-based platform.

Test. Upload. Report.

In the past, professional level reporting would not be available with such an affordable wiremapper. Now, it can be done without even leaving the job site! With the new VDV II, simply download the TREND AnyWARE Cloud App for free from Google Play or Apple Store to unlock the benefits.

With the app, you can create job folders, connect your VDV II device to a cable, and send the test results to your phone in real time. You can also add photos to your test results to provide more documentation. Once you have the test results in the app, simply upload them to the online TREND AnyWARE Cloud test management system in seconds. Here, test results can be organised by building, floor, room, rack, or panel. You can also export professional PDF reports to share with clients or colleagues.

The TREND AnyWARE Cloud test management system is a web-based platform that you can access from any browser. It offers a simple file-tree navigation user interface that makes it easy to find and sort your test results. It also supports testers from TREND Networks such as PoE Pro, LanTEK IV-S cable certifiers, and SignalTEK 10G bandwidth tester.

Get your VDV II with Bluetooth

TREND Networks’ VDV II cable verifier is an affordable and dependable solution for verifying copper cables in voice, data or video installations. With Bluetooth connectivity and cloud reporting features, it offers advanced functionality that can help you work smarter and faster.

Cloud connectivity is not only available for the Basic VDV II model. It has also been added to the VDV II Plus and Pro options too. Learn more about VDV II and which model will suit you needs. Start saving time and money right away –  order online today.