Proud to support #TeksGiving 2023

TREND Networks was very proud to be involved in this year’s ‘TeksGiving’ project, organized by our brand ambassadors TKW (TeKnowledge World Wide). Mike Grindele, our VP Sales North America, attended in person to lend a hand to the project.

For the past 4 years, the TKW community has come together annually for TeksGiving. This project sees it provide services and products free of charge to give an organization a much-needed tech upgrade. This helps tackle the issue that the rising cost of technology is out of reach for many important community projects. It is part of TKW’s mission to share knowledge and bring about positive and impactful changes in the community.

The recipient of this year’s technology upgrade was an organization called MissionFit, based in Baltimore, MD, in the US.  MissionFit provides free fitness classes to young people between 11-24, offering a safe and inclusive space, alongside resources for health, and an environment for continued personal growth.

TeksGiving took place from October, 20th-22nd 2023. It was a great event with MissionFit being completely upgraded with a new security system, AV system and Wi-Fi/network infrastructure installed to help keep the patrons safe, connected, and motivated.  

To make MissionFit’s TeksGiving upgrade possible, the TKW network of IT professionals donated both their time and various state-of-the-art products. TREND Networks also donated a range of equipment to this worthwhile cause.

If you’d like to support future TeksGiving projects with your time, expertise, or a donation, you can find out more here. Or learn more about our brand ambassadors TKW in this recent blog.