FiberMASTER Series

  • Quickly measures cabling loss (dB) with calibration feature
  • Measures fibre optic power for troubleshooting
  • Universal/FC power meter connectors
  • Interchangeable light source SC/ST/FC connectors
  • Multi-mode and single mode options

$1,525 - $3,690 MSRP


The TREND FiberMASTER™ fibre optic testing kit allows the user to measure absolute power and calculate the loss of fibre optic links at several wavelengths. Absolute power measurements are helpful when trouble shooting equipment that may not be operating properly. The dB calibration feature allows the operator to set a reference level to the light source and directly read the loss of fibre optic links without needing to manually calculate the values. The unique form factor allows the light source to be docked neatly within the power meter. This makes the kit compact for easy storage while still allowing full operation of both the source and meter.


Product features

  • Troubleshoot fibre optic network components with optical power meter
  • Display power loss in dB using reference function
  • Unique form factor for easy storage of the light source allowing full operation of both light source and power meter
  • Measures fibre optic power in milliwatts (mW) and decibel-milliwatts (dBm) for troubleshooting

Power Meter:

  • 850, 1300, 1310, 1490 and 1550 nm measurements
  • Power measurement in dBm and mW, loss display in dB
  • Auto Power Off
  • Includes universal 2.5mm adaptor and fixed FC adapter
  • Operates on standard AAA batteries, (3)

Light Source

  • 850nm VCSEL/Laser – 33-928 MM kit
  • 850/1300nm (VCSEL/Laser), 1310/1550nm (Laser) – 33-931 MM/SM kit
  • Includes ST, SC and FC adaptors
  • Docks in the bottom of the power meter for easy storage
  • Operates on standard AAA batteries, (3)
  • Low battery indication

For certification and troubleshooting of fibre optic cabling

  • Certifying (Tier 1) cable performance to ISO 11801 and TIA 568-C standards
  • Meet cabling specifications as required by engineers, designers and clients
  • Avoid call-backs by identifying faults while onsite
  • Ensure cable loss falls within allowable power budget of network components
  • Troubleshoot fibre optic network components by measuring power output

Product models



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Does FiberMASTER store tests or generate reports?
    A: No. FiberMASTER does not store test data, it provides real-time measurements only.
  • Q: How are LC connections tested with FiberMASTER?
    A: There are two ways to test LC (or other small form factor) connectors. First, hybrid launch cords can be used to convert from a standard ST/SC/FC connection to an LC connection. An LC coupler will also be required to set the reference between the light source and power meter. Second, two optional FC-LC adapters (part # 135051) can be used to convert the connectors on the light source and power meter from FC to LC allowing simplex (single) LC connectors to be directly connected. Note, the LC portion of the adapter is a slip-fit connection and the LC connector does not lock into place.
  • Q: What is the difference between single-mode and multimode fibre?
    A: Multimode fibre has a larger light carrying core of 50 or 62.5 microns compared to 9 microns for single-mode fibre. The larger core of multimode fibre captures more light than single-mode fibre allowing the use of low power LED light sources. The maximum bandwidth of multimode fibre is inversely proportional to length, i.e., doubling the length of a multimode cable reduces it’s bandwidth capacity by half. Multimode fibre is typically limited to lengths of 2,000 meters (6,560 ft). Single-mode fibre requires the use of higher power and more costly laser light sources but does not sacrifice bandwidth for distance. Single –mode fibre can be used at lengths of up to 40,000 meters (131,200 ft) while supporting 10 Gb/s data rates.


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