New Live Support for LanTEK IV increases collaboration and boosts troubleshooting

The new LanTEK IV cable certifier from TREND Networks is helping cable installers minimise troubleshooting time and call-backs, thanks to its unique Team Viewer Live Support function.

LanTEK IV launched to provide users with a completely new way to certify via an array of features that help installers to work smarter, not harder. One important development is the introduction of the Team Viewer Live Support function. This saves time by enabling users to collaborate more extensively with colleagues by connecting to a LanTEK IV certifier remotely when failed links need troubleshooting.

To collaborate, the LanTEK IV user simply connects to WiFi and enables the Remote Control function. This then displays an ID and password on the LanTEK IV screen. The user shares these details with their remote colleague, who is using the Team Viewer system on a PC or tablet. They can then enter the Partner ID, click ‘Connect’, enter the password when prompted, and finally click ‘Log on’ to connect to LanTEK IV quickly and easily.

“By supporting collaboration between Field Technicians and Project Managers, troubleshooting time is minimised and call-backs are reduced,” explains Tim Widdershoven, Marketing Director for TREND Networks. “Cable manufacturers and TREND Networks’ Technical Support team can also connect to LanTEK IV via Team Viewer, helping users to get the support they need when they really need it.”

Alongside the introduction of Team Viewer Live Support, the TREND AnyWARE™ Cloud also helps to further increase collaboration between LanTEK IV users and Project Managers. For instance, with the TREND AnyWARE Cloud, Project Managers can pre-configure project information before Field Technicians even start the job. Once on site, Technicians can simply download the project to the handheld certifier, making getting started quicker and eliminating the costly setup errors that could arise from manual data entry.

With LanTEK IV, reports can also be created and shared more easily than ever before, eliminating the need to manually email large attachments.

While the system is highly intuitive to use, for additional support, the TREND AnyWARE Cloud test management software incorporates the innovative WalkMe function. This means that rather than needing to use complex help menus or time-consuming manuals, users can instead be accompanied by highly visual step by step guidance on screen. This has been designed to proactively help users at every step of the process for all key TREND AnyWARE Cloud features.

“We’re keen to help installers and technicians to embrace more collaborative ways of working as we’ve seen with our customers how this can help make jobs faster, easier and more profitable,” says Tim. “The Team Viewer Live Support functionality is just one more way that the LanTEK IV cable certification system is bringing a new standard to the industry.”

More information about the future of cable certification with LanTEK IV, the TRENDAnyWARE Cloud and Team Viewer Live Support can be found on the TREND Networks website and in this video .