FiberMASTER OTDR – see how it works

Our new FiberMASTER OTDR fibre testers are designed to be small and simple, giving you a fibre optic cable tester that will make measuring, troubleshooting, and certifying fibre cabling easy, accurate and cost effective.

Whether you’ve already added FiberMASTER to your toolkit, or you’re still considering how it might help you, we have a range of videos in our Learning Hub that you’ll want to see.

FiberMASTER videos

The FiberMASTER testers are designed with an intuitive touchscreen user interface, that guides you through the setup and testing process to save time and improve accuracy. However, we know that, sometimes, nothing compares to seeing how a product works.

That’s why we’ve prepared a series of short videos showing the FiberMASTER OTDR in use. It’s a fantastic way to see how straightforward and effective these fibre testers are.

The videos you can watch right now are:

Visit the Learning Hub for these and more helpful videos.

FiberMASTER Free Demo

In addition to the videos in our TREND Networks Learning Hub, we’ve also created an interactive virtual demo.

Get an overview of the main features and functions of a FiberMASTER OTDR tester anywhere, anytime. See all the key screens you’ll encounter on the tester, get an overview of how to carry out common tasks, and even (virtually) press the buttons for yourself.

Still have questions about FiberMASTER OTDR?

Why not contact our team to arrange a demo session and find out more? Or you can see more FiberMASTER OTDR product details here.