Save time with the latest LanTEK IV software updates

Ready to enhance your productivity even further? We have just released our latest software updates for the TREND Networks LanTEK IV cable certifier and TREND AnyWARE Cloud test management system which deliver greater benefits for cable installers.

Whether you use LanTEK IV for routine cable certification and installation job planning, troubleshooting, or reporting, download the latest updates direct to your LanTEK IV handset now! Unlock new capabilities and improve your daily operation.  See the full release notes here.

Here are six reasons you can depend on the new LanTEK IV software updates to help you get the most out of TREND AnyWARE Cloud on every job.

  1. Simplified test lists and improved test pre-configuration accuracy

To simplify the process of creating test lists, and to reduce the time required to create pre-configured tests, project managers can now create the list from CSV files in the TREND AnyWARE Cloud. In addition to saving time, CSV import greatly reduces the chances of errors when saving test IDs. Everything is pre-configured and ready to go for the technician on site, helping improve accuracy as there is no need to manually enter the test IDs.

  1. Modify job identifiers

Now job identifiers (such as Building / Floor / Room / Rack / Panel) can be modified in a range of multiple tests, even after the measurements have been uploaded to the AnyWARE Cloud Management System. Unfortunately, human error can happen, but in the event a technician does forget to use the correct identification code, a group of tests can be quickly updated to reflect the correct identification data.

  1. Streamlined reporting

Some users require the functionality to attach a LanTEK IV test report file to link with records in a cable management software program, in order to streamline reporting. So, a function to create individual PDF files for each test has been added to the AnyWARE Cloud ecosystem.

Additionally, the user can combine single line and brief reports in one PDF file. Previously if you needed this, you would have needed to create both PDF files and then merge them using a PDF editing program, adding time and complexity to the process.  Now it is simpler and quicker.

  1. Customisation of report margins

Using the AnyWARE Cloud test management system, you can now change the margin reported on single line test reports. Previous versions always reported NEXT margin by default, but now you can select from NEXT, PS-NEXT, Insertion Loss, Return Loss, and ACR-N to customise reports with your preferred information.

  1. Send multiple reports at one time

Another great time-saver in the TREND AnyWARE Cloud is the new function that allows you to select multiple PDF test reports to send to multiple email addresses, if required. Previously only one report could be emailed at a time. This also greatly reduces the chance that multiple emails on larger projects will get flagged by spam filters and blocked, so helps ensure your customers get what they need from you, when they need it.

  1. Minimised approval time

In the TREND AnyWARE Cloud, a new header section on fibre optic reports now includes the number of connections and splices, plus the value used to calculate the test limit. This can help minimise the time to approve projects for warranties. We are always looking for ways to make life easier for all of those who use our solutions, so we developed this feature in response to feedback from some fibre cabling vendors who wanted to be able to see the pass / fail limits calculated for each test.

A better way to certify cable and prove performance

The powerful combination of LanTEK IV cable certifier and the TREND AnyWARE Cloud provides dependable, fast, and accurate testing that helps cable installers maximise productivity and profitability. It’s time to change the way you certify!

Get in touch with our team today if you need more details about the latest software updates for LanTEK IV, or to discover more about how the wide range of TREND Networks solutions can support your cable and network installation and testing needs.