How VisiLINQ permanent link adapters help you work smarter, not harder

Our new LanTEK IV cable certifier offers installers a wide range of features that are specially designed to help save time, reduce costs and increase efficiency. One such innovation is the unique VisiLINQ™ permanent link adapters, which are included as standard with all LanTEK IV certifiers.

But how can these small components make such a big difference for installers?

Increase productivity

VisiLINQ permanent link adapters are a totally new and unique way to test that gives you everything you need to operate the certifier and verify the results in the palm of your hand.

Simply connect the adapter to the port, activate it, and see an instant result as the adapter lights up – green for a pass, red for a fail.

IDLNET 00277

The highly versatile VisiLINQ adapters are suitable for testing and certifying UTP, STP, Cat5e/6/6a/8.1 cabling from the patch panel to the work area outlet. As you can do this without even needing to touch the certifier, you can work smarter, not harder, saving time whenever you’re certifying copper or fibre cable.

Reduce cost of ownership

To make things even easier for installers, the RJ45 tip on the permanent link modules are field replaceable. This not only reduces the cost of ownership but also helps maximise certifier uptime, keeping jobs productive and profitable.

IDLNET 00300

RJ45 tips for the TREND Networks LanTEK IV certifier have also been independently verified for 2,000 insertions – 1,250 more than regular patch cord plugs – making them both reliable and great value.

Learn more about LanTEK IV and VisiLINQ adapters or see them in action in this video.

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