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With the demanding requirements of today’s high-bandwidth network applications, field certification of fibre optic cabling is more critical than ever. TREND Networks’ new White Paper, Options for testing and certification of fibre optic cabling, explains the two tiers of field certification and different test limits to determine pass/fail performance.  

In today’s high-bandwidth world, allowable signal loss in fibre optic cabling can be so low that seemingly small issues can cause excessive errors in network transmission. TREND Networks’ new White Paper explains the difference between Tier 1 and Tier 2 certification, which utilise different types of test equipment to characterise the performance of fibre cabling, as well as fibre loss limits. 

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Tier 1 vs Tier 2 certification 

While Tier 1 certification documents the insertion loss, or attenuation, and length of the cabling, Tier 2 certification adds an OTDR (Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer) test. The White Paper goes on to explain the process and benefits of an OTDR test as well as how test results can be presented as either a trace, event table or link map. 

Fibre loss limits 

The TREND Networks White Paper also explains loss limits in detail, including how it is measured and defined allowances for fibre loss, connections and splices. It also explains how to calculate a loss budget and the complications arising from differing fibre cable lengths and how to overcome them. 

When the minimum is not enough 

ISO and TIA standards consider Tier 1 certification as the minimum requirement for fibre cable installations. However, the white paper explains that it does not determine whether each component in the installation is within specifications and how, by adding OTDR measurement, Tier 2 provides a more thorough test, identifying individual components that may cause signal loss.   

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