Power over Ethernet – class vs type vs voltage

This blog is a quick reference to show the relationship between class, type and power for IEEE Standard PoE powered devices.

IEEE Standard PoE Power over Ethernet Parameters

With the rise of PoE, technicians need fast, accurate PoE validation to eliminate guesswork and get the job done quicker whether installing VoIP phones, smart lighting systems or Wi-Fi access points, or maintaining CCTV or digital signage. The following chart shows a PoE power level comparison per class.

PoE Pro Table

How to eliminate trial and error when installing and repairing PoE

TREND Networks recently launched a new handheld tester PoE Pro that measures and reports PoE Class, voltage/voltage drop, watts and injector Type, making it easy to see how much power is available.

PoE Pro supports PoE up to 90W (PoE++), tests all PoE Classes (0-8) and Types (af/at/bt) and verifies the installation Pass / Fail indication to IEEE standards. It means that installers can now accurately measure the maximum power available to PoE devices in any installation.

PoE Pro is available across the world, or direct from TREND Networks online shop. For more information on testing PoE, visit www.trend-networks.come or fill in our online contact form and one of our specialist team will get back to you.