Ways to test new PoE standards with TREND Networks

Emerging and advancing technology will always drive the development of new test capabilities or test equipment. But which of these technologies is at the forefront of TREND Networks’ efforts to bring new testing products to the industry?

There are several new or advancing technologies that TREND Networks is actively addressing with its product range. These include Multigig/NBASE-T and Type 3/Type 4 PoE.

What are Multigig and NBASE-T?

Multigig and NBASE-T began as competing technologies that sought to increase the bandwidth that could be delivered over category 5e and 6 cabling for the purposes of giving network owners a second option to re-cabling in support of new applications. They have since been ratified under a common standard called IEEE 802.3bz, essentially allowing 10Gb Ethernet to “downshift” to 5Gb or 2.5Gb on cabling that cannot support 10Gb at 100 meters (328 ft).

Testing IEEE 802.3bz with SignalTEK 10G

SignalTEK 10G from TREND Networks is an Ethernet Bandwidth tester that will perform a series of tests including a Maximum Bandwidth test to determine the exact bandwidth that cabling, or an active LAN channel, can support. It does this by using a process called a binary chop, which starts by flooding the link with 10Gb/s and testing for lost frames. Then it reduces the speed by 50% and, if no frames are lost, it will increase the speed by 50% and continue this process until it zeros in on the maximum error-free sustained bandwidth to a resolution of 1% of the link speed.

High power PoE testing

Another standard to address is IEEE 802.3bt which is the specification for high power PoE (Power over Ethernet), commonly called HPoE or PoE++. This specification allows for up to 90 watts of power delivery over a category 5e (or better) cable – enough power for next generation wireless access points, video displays, computer terminals, lighting, and many other applications.

TREND Networks PoE Pro

An issue faced by installers and integrators is the ability to determine whether new or existing cabling and the PoE network devices can deliver the expected power over a data line. Merely detecting the advertised power is not enough, the system must be checked under load to ensure all the components are working together to meet the requirements of the IEEE 802.3bt specification.

To solve the question of PoE compliance, TREND Networks offers PoE Pro, which provides an immediate Pass/Fail indication based on the type of PoE source detected. For example, when a Class 6 PoE source is detected this PoE tester will put a load on the line and verify that the delivered power is between 51 and 60 watts. The user does not need to remember the power range for each of the 8 classes, the tester will display a PASS if the power is within limits and a FAIL if enough power is not available.

Depend On Us to test emerging technologies

As network technologies evolve, you can depend on the highly experienced, global TREND Networks team to innovate new solutions to help installers and technicians to get the job done.

Discover more or order SignalTEK 10G and PoE Pro or if you have any questions about selecting the right Ethernet tester to support your operational speed and accuracy, contact our expert team.