How does PoE Pro support you in troubleshooting security cameras?

As digital security camera and IP CCTV installers will know, poor performance is not always down to a fault with the camera unit. However, just as with any network, the cause of the issue may not be immediately obvious. To efficiently identify if it’s an issue with the network, or rule that out, so cameras can be up and running again quickly, security system installers need PoE testing and troubleshooting equipment that they can depend on.

Since IP or digital security cameras began replacing analogue cameras, PoE (Power over Ethernet) security cameras are becoming more common in both the commercial and the domestic security installation market.  This presents installers with a challenge – they need to get up to speed on understanding basic Ethernet network troubleshooting.   Enter PoE Pro from TREND Networks which is intuitive to use, quick to get up and running, and can be used to help troubleshoot security cameras that are not operating correctly.

Depend On PoE Pro to determine whether there is enough power

The first point to determine when troubleshooting a PoE camera, whether it isn’t working at all, is not delivering the required image quality, or is experiencing intermittent downtime, is whether the device has enough power to actually function as it should. The handheld PoE Pro tester from TREND Networks enables the installer or maintenance operative to check whether there is enough power at the device location. It displays the maximum power available, including the maximum watts, Class (0-8), voltage, type (af/at/bt) and 2/4 pair operation.

Regardless of cable length, cable quality or other factors, PoE Pro identifies the Class of the PoE source and power available to a PoE device.

You can also connect the compact tester directly to the PoE switches and injectors to test and verify whether they provide enough power. The TREND Networks PoE Pro also offers an extended power test to determine whether switches or injectors provide power that exceeds IEEE Class rating, which sometimes occurs.

Depend On PoE Pro to take out the guesswork

There has previously been a lot of trial and error involved when a fault occurred on a PoE device or network, wasting time and money for the installers and the business or domestic user of the cameras. PoE Pro enables accurate troubleshooting to speed up the process, eliminating the guesswork, and improving efficiency.  Not only can it instantly identify wiring errors, but it can also accurately measure cable length, providing precise distance-to-fault information, saving unnecessary expenditure on time-consuming fault-finding.

Faulty or mis-labelled cabling can be discovered using cable tracing probes and a built-in tone generator with multiple tones. A port blink function enables the PoE Pro user to quickly identify the switch port to which a cable is connected.

Depend On Us to provide a complete PoE testing solution

TREND Networks developed the PoE Pro tester to deliver convenience for any installers and technicians working with PoE. All of the features on your intuitive handheld network tester, enable you to quickly and easily identify whether the source of the security camera issue is in fact with the Ethernet network, and accurately troubleshoot, saving time and cost.

There are many benefits that TREND Networks can bring to the security industry thanks to a range of helpful handheld testers. Get in touch with our team today to arrange a demo of our PoE Pro testers and to find out more about the full suite of TREND Networks solutions that can support security installers and integrators.