JPR Engineering maximizes time and cost effectiveness of CCTV installation

JPR Engineering Services Ltd is saving time and improving cost-effectiveness on CCTV installation jobs, thanks to the SecuriTEST IP® multi-function CCTV tester from IDEAL Networks.

Electrical and mechanical contractor JPR Engineering’s specialist Fire & Security Solutions Division, had considered, and used, various brands of CCTV test equipment in the past. However, following a positive experience participating in the Beta testing phase for SecuriTEST IP, the company added two multi-function SecuriTEST IP CCTV testers to their fleet.

“CCTV installation and maintenance jobs are unpredictable which makes it particularly important to have the right testing and troubleshooting tools to hand,” says Konrad Rubery, Fire & Security Department Manager for JPR Engineering. “Around 90% of our new installs are for IP systems and at any one time, we might be working on multiple smaller domestic or retail installations, or a single commercial installation where hundreds of cameras are required.”

Before making the purchase decision, Konrad Rubery learnt the capability of the tester in the office. It was then sent out on site with their commissioning engineer to use on different sites with varied scenarios including analogue, IP and HD coax installations.

SecuriTEST IP is mostly used by JPR for fault finding, call outs to repairs and for final commissioning and reporting. From the outset, the CCTV tester proved much more user-friendly and intuitive than other brands.

“It is truly idiot proof,” says Konrad. “The icons on screen are simple to understand and the tester guides the user through the process which helps save time. Unlike other testers, we have never had to get the manual out, instead we’ve discovered the different helpful features as we’ve used it.”

Tim Widdershoven, Global Marketing Manager for IDEAL Networks says “A key challenge for JPR was that for installation and commissioning jobs, engineers would ordinarily need to take multiple items of kit to each job – up to 3-4 test tools plus a laptop. This proved cumbersome and inefficient, with time spent going back and forth to the van to get the next piece of equipment.”

“Now, JPR’s engineers can achieve the same result with just one small tester hanging around their neck. The varied functionality of the tester saves hours per job and keeps costs down,” continues Tim.

For instance, the HDMI In feature means the engineer can simply plug in to the NVR, conduct the setup, perform tests and see the results rather than needing to take a monitor and recorder on to site. SecuriTEST IP can be used for cable testing and cable tracing, so they also no longer need two separate tools for doing this.

Similarly, with SecuriTEST IP two engineers are no longer required for CCTV installation jobs – one engineer can see and access all the information they need on SecuriTEST IP. The tester therefore reduces labor by half, allowing engineers to be scheduled to undertake other work and making each job more cost effective. These cost savings can then be reflected in the price to the customer and ensure JPR Fire & Security Solutions remains competitive.

“As we have been able to keep our costs and prices low, we have won many more CCTV installation jobs compared to this point in the previous year,” says Konrad Rubery. “I believe it has helped business in our Fire and Security Division grow.”

To further enhance productivity and free up engineers’ time to undertake other jobs, the PoE and 12V output features of SecuriTEST IP have enabled JPR Fire & Security Solutions to carry out complete installations, and prove they all work, before power is even available on site. This avoids conducting installation during the rushed final days on site when power goes live and overall requires fewer visits to the site, as the engineer only needs to return to the site to re-confirm the system is working as reported.

Plus, when called to a fault on an IP CCTV camera installation, engineers can now use SecuriTEST IP to quickly prove if the fault does not lie with the camera but instead with the network. Likewise, engineers can easily prove to the customer if the problem is because of changes made after installation. In either scenario, this avoids time wasting on trying to diagnose a camera fault and helps make work required on call backs chargeable.

“SecuriTEST IP provides comprehensive reports which incorporate time stamped photo images to prove the field of view and data such as the IP address and gateway,” Konrad explains. “As these can show what has changed since installation, we’re able to charge for more of our call-backs.”

The tester has even proven useful to JPR Fire & Security Solutions before an engineer has even gone on site. For instance, thanks to the HDMI Out capability, SecuriTEST IP can be taken to presentations and demonstrations with customers to show clearly the view that they are going to get following the installation.

“We have other brands of CCTV tester in the office, but none of the engineers want to use them now that we have SecuriTEST IP,” says Konrad. “The tester is an invaluable tool for us, helping us look professional and setting us apart from the competition, so we are planning on getting another tester. In fact, it works so well that I have already also recommended it to others in the industry.”

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