Troubleshooting Industrial Ethernet Networks? Don’t miss this!

If an Industrial Ethernet network is not working correctly, the resulting factory downtime can cost businesses tens of thousands of pounds. That’s why it’s so vital to ensure you have the right know-how when it comes to commissioning and troubleshooting PROFINET or standard IP Industrial Ethernet networks, and carry out the necessary preventative maintenance.

Learn more about mastering these important skills in our upcoming webinar which will show how to conduct quick and simple field operation tests to keep Industrial Ethernet networks up and running, with just one handheld tester – NaviTEK IE.

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TREND Networks NaviTEK IE – Features & Benefits Webinar

18th August 2020, 14.00 – 14.30 UK time – Register now

On the webinar you’ll learn about the smart functionality that makes NaviTEK IE essential for anyone installing, maintaining, or troubleshooting PROFINET / Industrial Ethernet networks and exactly how it can help you. For example:

  • Fix node configuration issues without a PC / laptop and speciality software – the NaviTEK IE Industrial Ethernet tester simplifies troubleshooting
  • Easily pinpoint issues such as PROFINET cable faults with the touch of a button
  • Prevent network failures with an easy to understand system health check feature
  • Manage your devices better with a range of functions to help you easily locate hard to find, misconfigured or rogue devices on Industrial Ethernet networks
  • Prove the network has been commissioned successfully with NaviTEK IE and professional PDF reports to share with colleagues and clients using the free IDEAL AnyWARE app

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