Six Ways the TREND AnyWARE Cloud Test Management System Makes Your Job Easier

Our new TREND AnyWARE™ Cloud test management system has been specially developed to make certifying cable with your LanTEK IV certifier easier than ever before.

Here are six ways that the TREND AnyWARE Cloud can help you save time, reduce errors and get the job done.

1. Easily manage the certifier fleet – With the fleet manager function, you can see who has the LanTEK IV certifier, when the software was last updated, when calibration is due and when the results were last synced. This helps you manage tester downtime while preventing test results from being lost and deleted.

2. Project pre-configuration options – All project information can be pre-configured in TREND AnyWARE Cloud so that when you get on site, you can simply download the project to the LanTEK IV and get started. Even complex test IDs can be set up, helping eliminate mistakes from manually entering data.

3. Advanced troubleshooting – Reduce time spent searching for test data while troubleshooting with advanced filtering which allows you to filter tests on any field. Plus, project files are easy to find as cable layout drawings, photos and videos can all be stored in ITREND AnyWARE Cloud so everything you need is in one place.

4. Less training time – The TREND AnyWARE Cloud is embedded with the WalkMe help platform. This gives you proactive, step-by-step guidance on all the key tasks you’ll need to perform, meaning training time is reduced and you can get certifying more quickly.

5. Time saving reports – Whether you’re creating single line summary reports or comprehensive reports of measurement results, you can save time by creating a profile for each customer in the TREND AnyWARE Cloud. You can also use TREND AnyWARE Cloud to easily share links to the test reports, so you don’t need to manually email large attachments.

6. Complete connectivity – There’s no need to be tied to your desk. TREND AnyWARE Cloud operates on PC, Mac and tablet anywhere with a web browser and gives you free storage so there’s no need for separate servers or back-ups. But, if you need it, a Desktop version is available too.

Find out more about changing the way you certify with LanTEK IV and the TREND AnyWARE Cloud or request a demo with our team today.