How to improve cashflow with a Pay As You Test LanTEK IV cable certifier

The LanTEK IV cable certifier is designed with innovative features to help you save time and make jobs involving installing, maintaining or troubleshooting copper or fibre data cable more profitable. But did you know you could improve cash flow by choosing a ‘Pay As You Test’ option for your LanTEK IV as well?

Why choose a Pay As You Test certifier?

If you need three or more cable certifiers in your business, then our Pay As You Test option could transform your certifier fleet from what is traditionally a capital expense into an operating expense instead. This could help you to optimise cash flow and spread your certifier costs over time, giving you the flexibility to make other purchases in your business within your budget.

What’s more, with a Pay As You Test option, part of TREND Networks suite of Test4Less solutions, its far easier for you to assign costs to particular projects and ensure that jobs are running as profitably as possible.

LanTEK IV Pay As You Test Options

There are two great Pay As You Test options available so you can choose whichever works best for you.

Purchase model plan – Buy a LanTEK IV for as little as £2,750 up front, then simply pay a small fee per test.
Free on loan model plan – There are no upfront costs. Instead pay for each test on a LanTEK IV on loan to you for free.

No matter which payment option you choose, its easy to purchase test credits when you need them.

How to purchase LanTEK IV test credits

Simply press ‘Add tests’ on your LanTEK IV to retrieve a unique code. Call your local Customer Services with this code to purchase tests. They’ll provide an activation code that you can enter into your LanTEK IV certifier to load the tests onto your certifier and see your balance.

To help busy installers and technicians like you, we’ve made sure that you don’t even need to worry about running out of credits. With its smart ‘overdraft’ facility, you’ll still be able to test – your balance will be adjusted when you upload your next bundle of tests.

Find out more about Test4Less and Pay As You Test certifier options or learn about how LanTEK IV can change the way you certify.