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With the growing number of Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications, installers and technicians are facing a new challenge in diagnosing cable faults. Our new FREE White Paper, ‘What you need to know about DC Resistance Unbalance testing for PoE’, addresses the challenge of DC Resistance Unbalance (DCRU) and explains how to tackle testing for PoE.

Thanks to the simplicity of running a single cable for both power and data transfer, Power over Ethernet has seen a significant increase in popularity. However, installers and technicians are now faced with a new fault that has been revealed in the form of DC Resistance Unbalance. If you deal with PoE in any of your installations, then this White Paper is for you.

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What is DCRU?

DCRU is the measurement that is performed on PoE cabling after installation to test for differences in DC resistance. Simply put, DCRU is a phenomenon caused by differences in the resistance between pairs, or within a pair, of cables. This causes additional resistance when trying to force high levels of power through the cables, resulting in increased heat in the ethernet cable and Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE).

The White Paper gives a detailed explanation of the different causes of Resistance Unbalance, from inherent cable faults to cable termination, length, and twist rates, as well as how Resistance Unbalance problems can be detected.  

DCRU testing

The DC Resistance Unbalance testing for PoE White Paper also addresses the fact that the latest cabling standards do not currently require field testing DCRU. Being an optional test means that many cable certifiers haven’t included the technology to measure DCRU.

As PoE becomes a necessary part of every network, DCRU field testing should be seen as standard best practice and always performed to ensure the materials and the installation will support high power PoE without generating excess heat. The result can cause data transmission issues, shorten the service life of the power supplies, and reduce overall electrical efficiency.

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