Ensure reliable network operations with SignalTEK 10G Pro

To fully function, healthcare organisations need a robust and reliable network infrastructure capable of optimising operational uptime, but that also provides flexibility to provide continuous real-time access to data systems as requirements change. Furthermore, in a field where time is of the essence, network technicians benefit from remote troubleshooting and accurate reporting to validate work quickly and efficiently.

TREND Networks’ SignalTEK 10G Pro Network Throughput Tester and Cable Qualifier is designed to facilitate network maintenance and support, allowing technicians to make rapid diagnoses. Fast detection of errors in critical infrastructure helps to keep networks online around the clock and provides necessary assurances to healthcare professionals and their patients.

Benefits of SignalTEK 10G Pro

SignalTEK 10G Pro is a convenient mobile device developed for network engineers, infrastructure managers, and network specialists, with some key benefits designed to simplify network analysis:

  • Convenient handheld unit to test and verify all data cables and Ethernet networks
  • Initiates a suite of tests to find common faults quickly at the push of a button
  • TeamViewer enables remote access for easy collaboration and collective troubleshooting
  • Cloud reporting via TREND AnyWARE for fast validation and document generation, which eliminates the need for a laptop.

Effortless testing to maintain network integrity

Healthcare networks deal with sensitive patient information that needs to be protected. While there are industry standards for cable testing, such as those provided by TIA and ISO, even positive qualification tests cannot absolutely guarantee flawless data transmission due to potential environmental factors and installation quality.

SignalTEK 10G Pro is unique in sending real Ethernet data frames through cables or other network devices to provide a clear pass/fail result of the link being tested.  It can identify rogue devices and locate issues with ease using the comprehensive 72-hour event log, allowing engineers to focus on other tasks, and helping to preserve the integrity of network systems.

The unit can detect active VLANs and track data throughput and, if transmission frames drop, it dynamically adjusts the speed to maximise performance throughput.

Seamless Collaboration with SignalTEK 10G Pro

With seamless network connectivity via TREND AnyWARE Cloud software, SignalTEK 10G Pro enables real-time collaboration between field technicians and project managers for fast, efficient troubleshooting, problem-solving, and reporting.

Cloud storage saves time as it gives all authorised users access to specific project files, including cable layout documents, videos, and photos for thorough assessment. Use AnyWARE Cloud to share links to test reports, eliminating the need for technicians to manually email documents. In addition, the software allows fleet managers to track and monitor device usage.

For any questions or advice regarding SignalTEK 10G Pro, contact TREND Networks and one of our experts will guide you through the unique features of our transmission tester – and the benefits for your healthcare network.