Übermittlung von Kabeltestdaten, ohne den Ort der Messung verlassen zu müssen

The copper and fiber optic cable certifier LanTEK III from IDEAL Networks is the ideal tester to ensure high productivity. The report generator with immediate report output and other innovative features simplify the work steps to be carried out on site for the cable installation. Since the technician no longer has to leave the measurement site to get other measurement and testing technology or to coordinate with colleagues, the LanTEK III cable certifier helps users, companies and customers save valuable time and money.

Better cooperation in the certification of cables

The free IDEAL AnyWARE TM app makes it easier for technicians to transmit important test data to colleagues and customers. Immediately after the cable tests are completed, the technicians can forward their measurement results via a mobile device via email or FTP.

The LanTEK III comes with the free result management software IDC for easy downloading, management, editing and printing of PDF test reports.

Completion of the installation work on time and within budget

Working with the LanTEK III cable certifier offers all those involved significant advantages. The customer’s networks are ready for use faster, the technicians can finish their work on time and the cable installations are completed with the specified budget. The automatic test functions and error diagnostics of the cable certifier LanTEK III reliably detect any malfunctions, generate comprehensive test reports in a matter of seconds and thus save hours of time-consuming checks.

Falling costs for cable certification

However, the LanTEK III cable certifier not only increases productivity, it also makes it possible to do without a laptop on site. With the free IDEAL AnyWARE app, the technician can transmit the test results directly from his mobile device to a colleague or customer without having to rely on a computer. This feature helps to reduce the time that the technician spends on-site processing data.

Find out more about the new and optimized LanTEK III cable certifier here . If you are interested in the tester, you can even put together your own cable certification package using the offer button.