TREND Networks premieres new video series

We are excited to reveal that TREND Networks has developed a new series of videos which highlight the ways our dependable solutions help real-world cable and network installers to overcome their most common day to day challenges. The first video will air on our social media channels and on YouTube on Friday 10th May, with a new instalment revealed each week.

And don’t worry! These aren’t lengthy explainer videos or wordy adverts. Each episode is a bite size look into the realities of network and data cable testing and the obstacles that installers and technicians can come up against without the right equipment. All presented in a light hearted and (we hope) entertaining way.

In the video series, you’ll meet our two installers – Brad and John. Both are undertaking the same jobs and testing tasks. John is faced with frustration at the solutions he is relying on to get the job done. Even more so when he sees how easily Brad can work effortlessly, efficiently, and accurately with the right mix of dependable test equipment and support.

At TREND Networks, we work closely with our customers, distributors, and end users to uncover the daily issues that are leading to inefficiencies and dissatisfaction when testing networks and certifying cables. The videos reflect these insights, and importantly, present a wide range of ways that we can help installers to transform the way they work and leave these challenges behind.

The ‘Wish yours did that?’ video series begins on Friday 12th May 2023 – be sure to follow our Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube channels so that you don’t miss out on a single instalment.