Get up to speed on Twisted Pair Cabling Measurements with our FREE educational poster

Give your whole team the key information they need about twisted pair cabling by displaying our new FREE poster in your workplace, or even in the back of your van fleet! The Twisted Pair Cabling Measurements poster is available to download now from the TREND Networks Learning Hub – the place to go for free resources about network and cabling testing practices and equipment.

TREND Network’s Learning Hub provides a host of important reference materials, including videos, white papers, articles, and now educational posters to assist you in your various network and data cable installation and troubleshooting applications.

Why get the new poster?

The first of our new series of educational posters, Twisted Pair Cabling Measurements, gives the essential details of the different twisted pair cabling measurements and how they are defined.

From a handy wiremap, colour codes, and test frequencies, through to explanations on insertion loss (attenuation) and delay/skew, the new poster acts as a handy guide to all key twisted pair cabling topics. Including return loss, DC loop resistance, DC resistance unbalance, and mode conversion loss.

Many of these topics are also covered in more depth in white papers and articles in the Learning Hub.

Depend On Us to help you learn

Use the new free poster as a handy reference in your workplace, and to help get your whole team up to speed on all they need to know about twisted pair cabling. It’s a simple way to help ensure your team have the knowledge they need to be confident and efficient on the job.

Get your printable copy of the Twisted Pair Cabling Measurements Poster in the TREND Networks Learning Hub now. Or contact us to find out more about our dependable range of network and data cable testers and how they can help you.