Free ‘How to’ videos for the FiberTEK IV Tier 1 Fiber Certification Adapter 

FiberTEK IV adapters turn your LanTEK IV-S into a Tier 1 fibre certifier for fast and simple certification of high bandwidth single-mode and multimode fibre optic cabling. But how does it work? 

TREND Networks Learning Hub has a series of free instructional videos to help you enhance your knowledge of FiberTEK IV and learn to work more efficiently.  

So, whether you’ve just purchased a FiberTEK IV Fiber Certifier Adapter for your LanTEK IV-S, or you would simply like to learn more about how FiberTEK IV works before making the investment, the TREND Networks Learning Hub has you covered. 

Time to learn about FiberTEK IV 

We realise that nobody has the time to sit through hours of tutorials. That’s why we’ve compiled a series of brief tutorials to help you get the most out of your FiberTEK IV adapters. All videos are just a few minutes long to help get you up-to-speed as soon as possible. 

Topics covered in the video tutorials include: 

  • FiberTEK IV calibration for 1, 2, and 3 jumpers 
  • Encircled Flux Testing 
  • Using the advanced User Interface 
  • Using the LC Adapter kit 

Visit the Learning Hub now to watch these videos, and access more helpful free resources. 

Want to know more about FiberTEK IV? 

FiberTEK IV adapters are used with LanTEK IV-S for fast and simple certification of fibre optic cabling, including optional support for encircled flux testing. FiberTEK IV also provides optical loss (dB) measurements meeting Tier 1 certification requirements. 

Learn more here. Or arrange a live online demo with a member of the expert TREND Networks team