Could cloud software improve your efficiency certifying cable?

Using a cloud solution for managing your cable certifier test data can offer innumerable advantages compared to offline solutions. For instance, with continuous backup, the TREND AnyWARE Cloud helps prevent data from getting lost and keeps it safe. Access to data from anywhere also means there is no need to visit a PC in the office to download data, and unlike desktop software, there is no need to frequently install updates to access the latest features.

However, not all cloud-based test management solutions for cable certifiers are the same. So, what functionality should you look for when evaluating cloud solutions? Here are three key points to look for.

1. Detailed data in real-time

Being able to view detailed test results, with all plot data, in real-time, is a key feature in full-cloud systems, such as the TREND AnyWARE Cloud. With a large amount of data to manage and display, as is typical with copper and fibre cable certification, only the latest cloud solutions can efficiently perform this.

The big advantage of this level of detail is that when tests fail, users such as project managers can evaluate the measurements to determine the possible cause and suggest corrective action to the field technician.

Plot Data – Certain cloud platforms provide access to the full details of the test data allowing for analysis and troubleshooting while some give just a literal picture of the data.

2. Organising data

The ability to organise data is essential for accuracy and efficiency. Typically test results are delivered to the project manager in one folder from the cable certifier.  What is necessary for a cloud solution is the capability to then organise this data in a logical and accessible way. Otherwise, results will be a disorganised mess that can make assessing the progress of the project almost impossible.

With the TREND AnyWARE Cloud, for example, project managers can build out a folder hierarchy, similarly to how folders work on a PC, that represents the logical structure of the cabling system and drag and drop the test results accordingly.  This makes organising tests from a LanTEK IV-S copper and fibre cable certifier much easier between the project, building, floor, room, and rack.

Building Levels – Look for a cloud software solution that lets you drag and drop tests between logical levels of the building for fast and easy data organisation.

3. Fleet management

Fleet management is where cloud software keeps track of each of your testers, logging when it was last synced, its calibration date, the assigned technician, the number of tests performed, and other pertinent data.

Keeping track of calibration dates is vital. If you are installing and testing cabling for vendor warranty programs, most will not accept test results from testers that are outside of the calibration window. That’s why the TREND AnyWARE Cloud software keeps track of calibration dates, so you won’t accidentally send a LanTEK IV-S cable certifier on-site that is out of calibration.

Remote access

While not a cloud test management software feature, another feature that can help is remote-control capability. This allows someone using a cloud application, sitting anywhere in the world, to remotely connect to a tester.

This functionality, which we call Team Viewer Live Support, is available with the LanTEK IV-S certifier. It helps increase efficiency by allowing remote training for lesser-skilled technicians and faster troubleshooting. It also eliminates the frustration of phone calls trying to describe what the tester screen looks like or failed attempts at Facetime calls holding the phone up to the tester screen!

The future of cable certification is here now!

Now is the time to get on board with the future of cable certification with LanTEK IV-S and the TREND AnyWARE Cloud. More and more testers are being migrated to the cloud so that a single software solution can be used for multiple testers. For instance, the TREND Networks SignalTEK 10G bandwidth tester is already TREND AnyWARE Cloud-enabled.  This solution is powered by Microsoft Azure, giving you dependable performance, independently verified to comprehensive standards.

Don’t be left behind – start benefitting from taking your test management to the cloud now.

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