TREND Networks Vice President of Sales Grows North American team

It’s been a fantastic year for the Northern American TREND Networks team, with new distribution partners, rep agencies and an expanded workforce contributing to the company’s success.

During 2019, Vice President of Sales, Jim Hunter, was appointed to grow the TREND Networks market share for the US and Canada, helping to lead the expansion of the Northern American team.

Since joining the company in April 2019, Jim has continued to successfully oversee the customer service and technical support departments, working closely with Regional Sales Managers and newly appointed Rep Agencies.

Focusing on transitioning key distribution partner relationships over from TREND Industries, Jim has played a key part in guiding TREND Networks’ new ownership. Throughout the year Jim has succeeded in expanding the sales outreach with new Rep Agencies and many of their regional distribution allies.

The new team is based at the new TREND Networks North American head office in Rockaway (New Jersey) which opened in May 2019. This new facility gives technicians and distributors in North America access to US-based support for service, calibration and warranty repairs. Expert advice and guidance is also available from a dedicated training centre.

If you’re interested in a career at TREND Networks Northern American headquarters, learn more about the company or view our current vacancies.