Network testing simplified with new IDEAL software updates

To simplify network testing, IDEAL Networks has released free software updates for the SignalTEK NT network transmission tester, SignalTEK CT cable transmission tester and the NaviTEK NT Plus and Pro network troubleshooters.  For significant enhancements, such as improved wiremap and port discovery information, users can download the free updates from the IDEAL Networks website. 

SignalTEK NT network transmission tester updates

Following substantial development, the updated software for SignalTEK NT provides an extended list of wiremap templates for common Ethernet cable types including CAT 6A/7A/8, and non-Ethernet cable, such as Profinet, ISDN and Deutsche Bahn (German Rail system).

Originally introduced on the NaviTEK NT Plus and Pro testers in 2017, this troubleshooting functionality enables customers using twisted pair cabling and non-standard connector terminations to use fixed templates to achieve more accurate pass/fail wiremap results. For maximum versatility, users can also create custom templates for wiremap testing so the SignalTEK NT tester can be used to easily test wiremap of custom or proprietary cabling systems.

In addition to the IP address assigned to the SignalTEK NT, the subnet, gateway and DNS addresses are now shown to give technicians at-a-glance insight on how the network is configured when DHCP is used to connect SignalTEK NT to the network.

The software updates also improve distance to fault accuracy when multiple faults are detected. This caters to a wider range of the test scenarios that installers and technicians may encounter, making troubleshooting easier.

To provide compatibility with switches from a wider range of manufacturers, the update offers improved CDP/LLDP decoding. When plugged into a network port, the CDP/LLDP data is automatically displayed on the home screen so users can quickly see the brand name, switch ID/MAC address and switch port number; providing at-a-glance access to critical diagnostic and troubleshooting information.

The formatting of this information has also been improved for printed reports, which overall have been significantly enhanced by the SignalTEK NT software update. For instance, IEEE 802.3ab test standards are now confirmed on the report to give customers reassurance that the transmission tests comply. Additionally, PoE/PoE+ voltage is now shown on printed reports, while Tx and Rx frame count can now be clearly seen on both the test screen and the report.

To better support the global customer base, general improvements to language translations have been made for users in French, German, Italian, Spanish and other languages,

SignalTEK CT cable transmission tester updates

The same custom and specialist wiremap functions added to the SignalTEK NT are also available in the software update for the SignalTEK CT.

The SignalTEK CT is designed for cable installers that demand fast and accurate testing of cabling links. Initially limited to testing standard Ethernet twisted pair cabling, the update extends the capabilities of SignalTEK CT for users working in industrial, transportation and other specialised sectors.

The update also includes improvements to PDF reporting and language translations.

NaviTEK NT network troubleshooter updates

Improvements are also available for NaviTEK NT Plus and Pro network troubleshooting testers, following extensive software updates in 2017.
A progress indicator has been added during port decoding of optical links. This live progress report helps reassure the user that the tester is still working to gather data, improving compatibility with optical switches that transmit CDP/LLDP link information less frequently than copper switches.

To support those working in data centres, more detailed information is included on the CSV (Excel compatible) test report. The updated report provides system (switch) description, link rate (port speed), Duplex status and VLAN ID in addition to other useful system and port data. Rather than extracting this information from lengthy PDF reports, technicians in the data centre can instead view one single document that lists all of the essential test data for every network port that they’ve tested and can sort and scroll through this data simply. This supports effective network mapping and makes it far easier to manage large amounts of test data, for example when migrating users from one network switch to another or when replacing/upgrading switches.

Overall, the updates provide a better user experience, alongside bug fixes, ensuring that testing and troubleshooting specialist wiremap applications is as hassle-free as possible for technicians and installers.

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