3 Benefits of the New LanTEK III Partner Finder Feature

IDEAL Networks has added a helpful Partner Finder feature for all new LanTEK® III data cable certifiers to support busy installers and simplify the cable installation and troubleshooting process.

New Partner Finder feature for the LanTEK III cable certifier

With the new Partner Finder feature, the LanTEK III certifier will emit an audible alert to let technicians know when both the display and the remote handset are connected to the same port. Simple to use, the installer with the display handset can then press the ‘Test’ button to test the copper or fibre cable.

So, how can the new LanTEK III Partner Finder benefit you?

Improve communication between you and your colleagues

Gone are the days where you need to contact your colleagues on a mobile phone or shout across the site to check that both handsets are connected to the same port. The audible Partner Finder alert improves communication and reduces guesswork, enabling both you and your fellow installers to move more freely around the site for straightforward data cable testing.

Save time and boost efficiency when installing and troubleshooting

For those time-consuming jobs where thousands of cables require checking, the Partner Finder can help you save significant time, even when you’re working alone. The LanTEK III Partner Finder provides a more efficient way of testing cables and can even help technicians identify mislabelled ports.

Hassle-free cabling testing with LanTEK III

The LanTEK III cable certifier is one of our most popular data cable testers, meeting international ISO/TIA certification standards and offering technicians a wide range of troubleshooting features to quickly detect cabling faults and minimise downtime. What’s more, LanTEK III has recently received a series of software updates to help installers test and certify copper and fibre optic cabling more easily than ever before.

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If you purchase a new LanTEK III before 31st January 2019, you will also receive a brand new SignalTEK NT transmission tester worth $3,418* free of charge, thanks to our Networks Reward promotion. Visit our new online shop for more information and to browse our full range of network and data cable testers.

To find out more about the latest LanTEK III certifier updates, including the Partner Finder feature, visit www.idealnetworks.net.

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